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Why are Swift Ultralight Roof Standard Binoculars so durable?

2 Is Tougher Than One

Some people think a wilderness excursion is a 5 minute walk through the forest followed by a dainty picnic lunch. Other people think of the wilderness as bungee jumping off a giant rock, trekking through a swamp…basically taking more of a walk on the wild side. If you are one of those wilderness thrill-seekers you need gear that can stand up to what you want you take on. If you're looking for a pair of binoculars, durability should be on the top of your list. Binoculars like the Swift 8x42 Ultralight Roof Standard Binoculars are as durable as they come. They are designed with not just one, but a dual density of rubber coating. So it can stand up to twice as much stuff as its competitors. Though remember as durable as this swift series is it still reacts the same way to dirt. So if it does take a rough and tumble make sure you clean off the lenses right away.

Why would you buy Swift Audubon Binoculars?

Take A Look While They Take Flight

Birds aren't ones for standing still. Which can make bird watching pretty tricky. If your binoculars have a large field of view you should have no problems watching them hop from branch to branch. The problem arises when they rise. Since they fly so fast most binoculars won't be able to get a detailed read. That is unless you pick up a pair of Swift Audubon Binoculars. This series features fine focusing. A focusing knob that allows focusing even while the subject is moving. So you can get a crisp clear shot even after they have flown the coop.

Why are Swift Eaglet Binoculars great for viewing on cloudy days?

Color Can Create Brilliant Color

A beautiful sunny day can make almost any pair of binoculars look like a champion choice. Though, add a couple of clouds, throw in some grayness and then you can really separate the men from the boys. Cloudy days are inevitable. And if you have planned a hike you're not going to cancel it, just ‘cause of a little cloud covering. That's why you should get binoculars that can offer brilliant views under any conditions. One good choice in this category would be the Swift Eaglet Binoculars. They coat their lenses with a special magenta coating. The result, bright looking sights even on the blah-est of days.

How can you operate binoculars if you wear glasses?

2 Eyes Made For 4 Eyes

When it comes to binoculars, people who wear glasses can sometimes miss out on the big picture. Literally. Originally most eyecups were designed to handle to handle only eyes. People with glasses couldn't fit just their eyes into these cups without experiencing a blur. Though, if they left their glasses on they wouldn't be able to experience the entire field of view. Thankfully today people with glasses do have options like Swift Binoculars. Not only do their specs feature quality optics, but also retractable eyecups. So people with glasses can really get close to all of the action.

How would you choose a company to buy binoculars from?

The Oldest In Optics

A lot of binocular types on the market today are designed with similar features. They even fall within the same sorta price ranges. So when everything is said and done, it all comes down to quality. Names you are familiar with are always a good bet. Though, sometimes this could be misleading too. Even though a company is successful and well known that might not translate to all of the products they produce. So you might also want to research the top Binocular specialists in the field. One name in particular that comes to mind is Swift. An American company that got its start in 1926. They are the oldest family owned optical company. They were also one of the first distributors of roof prism binoculars. So if you are serious about choosing the right binoculars you should probably begin looking at Swift binoculars. Today, they have licensed dealers all over the country. To find one near you just go to www.swift-optics.com and type in your zip code.

How do Swift opera glasses help you see better?

Focus On Fashion

Culture is probably one feature that doesn't go to the top of the list when you think binoculars. However, binoculars have found their way into certain high society events like the opera. The Swift Instruments Fire Fly series is one of the better opera glasses. These opera glasses combine the best of form and function. They are designed with a sophisticated look of brick red with a gold trim. Plus, they also come with a built in infrared light. This light when activated is invisible to the naked eye, yet (working with the glasses) offers the viewer a clearer image of the subject or soprano.

Why can focus Swift Sea Hawk Binocular Series easier than other waterproof binoculars?

See At Sea With Ease

Tradeoffs happen all the time in the binocular world. Compact binoculars are small and lightweight, yet they don't have the power of the bigger models. Even something like waterproofing can cause a trade off in the area of ease. Most binoculars that are waterproof are designed to be stiffer than regular wheels. The obvious reason is the binoculars need to be as airtight as possible to keep water out. Any open space (like the wheel) could be problematic. However this is not true with every model. So if you are looking for focusing ease you might want to consider the Swift Instruments Sea Hawk binocular series. It has an oversized center focusing wheel. Which makes it much easier to grasp and maneuver for quick focusing.

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