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Why do you need Leupold Binocular Tripod Adapters?

Easy Way To Adapt

To get breathtaking views bigger binoculars are still the way to go. They can house more powerful lenses and offer you a greater field of view. Though, unless you're a 12 foot giant you're going to have problems keeping your pair steady by just holding them. A tripod will do the trick. ‘Cept most of them are built for spotting scopes or cameras. However, before you grab that big roll of duct tape you do have other options. Aside from Leupold binoculars the company also makes Leupold Binocular Tripod Adapters. This allows you to attach binoculars to a tripod with no problems. Though, before you buy the adapter, check the full specs to get a full list of the binoculars it supports.

How can the Leupold site help you shop?

Easy Reading

The internet offers a ton of information for those who know where to look. The problem is finding those places. Some sites can be dead ends and lead you right to an advertisement or worse, pornography. When you're buying something like binoculars research can go a long way in helping you make a decision. It can offer you advice on not only what the best models are, but also the best ones for the activity you want to do. If you are shopping for Leupold Binoculars you're research will include a lot less surfing. Mainly because they include all of their product information & specs on their site. Just check out the pressroom at www.leupold.com.

Why are Leupold Wind River Olympic binoculars good for birding?

For The Birds

One hobby that has been popular throughout our country's history is bird watching. One reason is because the US has varied climates which can support a wide range of bird types. Since these creatures tend to be jumpy around humans, binoculars are the best ways to get closer to them. One company that designs binoculars for this type of activity is Leupold. More specifically Leupold Wind River Olympic Series Binoculars. They offer features like:
- Slim, ergonomic design.
- Fully multi-coated lenses and phase coated, silver enhanced prisms that offer amazing brightness & resolution (no matter what light conditions)
- The ability to focus in at close ranges (as short as 6 1/2 ft)

What is the Gold Ring Series guarantee?

The Gold Treatment

Leupold & Stevens Inc. is a family owned company that has been around for about a century. It prides itself on providing quality products. If you are looking for binoculars that offer crisp images with incredible color and clarity the Leupold Binoculars Gold Ring series are for you. Each model is designed with matched lenses and super high coated prisms. They also offer the Gold Ring Lifetime guarantee. 1st rate lens repair service for life. And if the defect is found to be in the design they will replace it for FREE.

How can Leupold help you learn more about birding?

Bird Brains

One the most basic rules of business is -- know your customer. This is sometimes harder with giant superstores corporations since their business can service everyone. However, the smaller companies have an easier time identifying their target group like Leupold Binoculars. They know a big portion of their customers will in fact use their product for bird watching. Which is why all of their model designs are customized for that activity. Though, they don't stop there. If you are interested in getting into bird watching as a hobby check out their site -- www.leupold.com. Specifically their product catalog. Not only will you find information about binoculars and accessories, you'll also get the scoop on these feathered wonders. Each page offers pictures and facts about popular US birds. It's one stop shopping & education.

What situations are great for Leupold Cascade binoculars?

Stay Stealth

If you are doing any animal observation the last thing you want to do is alert the animals to your presence. One snap of the twig and that animal is off and running. Animals also have incredible eyesight. If you are sporting anything that stands out they won't be standing around for long. For this reason most people wear camouflage outfits.
Though if you are serious about blending in you should make sure everything you bring doesn't stand out. Which would make Leupold Cascade 10 x 42 binoculars a smart buy. They are top quality binoculars encased in a rugged skin that's camouflaged. So you can see them, without them seeing you.

Why are Leupold Binocular Straps better than regular straps?

X Marks The Spot

If you ever have seen those extreme outdoors types they sorta all pack their gear the same way. Everything is tightly together to prevent things from coming undone. Binocular straps are good for this situation. Though, one thing they do cause is the swing factor. Most straps just go around the neck. Which is fine if you are at a sporting event or sight seeing. Though if you are on a trek through a mountain or hiking through the woods this can make the binoculars constantly swing and cause irritation or worse, an accidental smack in the face. Plus, after a while any pair will start to weigh heavily on your neck. Thankfully, Leupold has designed an easy solution to this problem. The Leupold X-treme™ Binocular Strap. The straps fit more like a shoulder harness – going around your back and the shoulders. Creating a snug fit. Keeping your binoculars in place.

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