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Why are Steiner Marine Float Straps so good?

A Real Lifesaver

All Lifejackets are similar in 3 ways:
- They help you float
- They are a cinch to put on and take off
- Their color makes it easy for rescue ships to spot you.
The people at Steiner seemed to be paying attention to this safe apparel when they designed their Steiner Marine Binocular Float Strap. It too offers an easy lock system so you can take it on and off your binoculars with ease. It can keep any pair a float and comes in safety orange or yellow. Plus, one size does fit all. It is compatible with the Steiner 7x50 binoculars along with other models.

Why do you need Steiner Firebird binoculars?

The Ultimate Sun Savior

All cars are designed to get you from point A to point B. Some just do it better than others. Whether it's with luxury interior or a top notch motor. Binoculars too have similar features that can vary from model to model like sun protection. True, most UV coated lenses can provide decent protection from the sun's harmful rays. However, if you are looking for the best in class you should take a look at the Steiner Firebird binoculars. Their lenses have a UV-T optical coating. Which is like the next level up of protection. Like others it blocks UV light and glare while maximizing white light transmission to create a crisp view. It just does it better than others.

Why can you use Steiner Senator binoculars as a handheld device?

Big Without The Bulk

The rule of thumb with binoculars is – if you want power you have to go big. Though, the prospect of needing a tripod to operate your big specs might not appeal to you. However, you do have another option --- Steiner Senator binocular series. Looks can be deceiving with these binoculars. True, they are big, size-wise, so they can accommodate the big lenses. And they offer quite a powerful magnification of 15 or 20X. However, if you pick them up you'll be pleasantly surprised. They are actually around 30% lighter then competitors of a similar size. So much lighter that they can actually be used as a handheld device.

What type of stores offers good binocular advice?

Special Over Super

Probably the best Steiner binoculars review you can get is one that is live. Hear about the binoculars straight from an expert who can answer questions as well. The best place to find these knowledgeable individuals would be in a store that focuses only on optics like cameras or binoculars. Bigger super electronic stores may indeed sell binoculars. However, since they also sell everything else under the tech sun the sales reps might not be as versed on the subject. Where as a specialty store would be quite the opposite since that's all they sell. Though, keep in mind wherever you go you are dealing with sales people. So they will be preaching as well as pitching.

Why would you neeed Steiner Military Marine Binoculars?

Can't Be Shocked

Boats today are built with a ton of motor power. Which is great to get to destinations. A boat will also be going at high speeds to cut through the waves which will minimize being tossed around by the currents. Whatever the reason for speed, traveling can be a bit shaky for you and your equipment. These vibrations could do just as much damage to the inner workings of your binoculars as water splashing on them. So along with waterproof you should also make sure your pair is shock proof like the Steiner Military Marine Binoculars. They can handle any shaky situation or wet weather. Plus, they also offer topnotch viewing. Even though this binocular-type does have this anti-shock feature it's best not to test its limits. As an extra precaution (when the boat is moving) you should keep it in its case and on an object that can absorb vibrations like a folded towel.

Why are bright colors bad for birding?

Don't Be Bright For Birding

Birds can be extremely, flighty. Bird watchers know this all too well. Hence, the need for binoculars. Unfortunately, even if you are some distance from a bird you could still be a disturbance to them. The reason? Bright colors. Bird might mistake ‘em for a predator. The best thing you can do is dull down your wardrobe and binoculars. Look for a pair that doesn't stand out exterior-wise like the Steiner Merlin binoculars. They come in an earth tone brown. A color that birds notice the least.

How do Steiner Predator Binoculars help when you are animal watching?

The Hunt Is On

Tracking animals can be extremely hard. For one thing they can hear humans coming from a mile away. They can smell your scent. Then there is the sharp eyesight thing. Once they sense your presence they have 1 of 2 options. Run away or hide. Running leaves you with no viewing experience. Hiding does present problems though now there are binoculars that can rectify the situation --- the Steiner Predator binoculars. They come with Green Penetrator lenses. Which is almost like having a bit of ESP. These lenses actually can distinguish the animal's colors while blocking out the haze and colors of the foliage. It literally finds the animal for you.

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