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What is magnification?

Magnification Makes A Difference

How far you can see using binoculars depends on magnification. Average handheld binoculars are somewhere between 6X and 8X. At this power you can see things about a half a mile a way. If you are looking for even more power the most magnification you can get is around 12 X for handheld binoculars. You can always get more power. Though, you'd need help keeping those giant binoculars steady. Your best bet -- buy a tripod.

Why is it ok to not buy the latest binoculars?

Old Model, Older Price

Technology today is ever evolving. One year, your phone just makes calls and offers games. The next year it can also take pictures. This also happens to products like binoculars. Though these changes might not be so drastic. Which means buying an older model wouldn't be a complete waste of time. In fact it could save you from wasting money. Though before you buy take it for a test drive. Make sure that it isn't missing a feature you want. Something that you can only find in the latest model.

What are some good telescope Manufactures

Tips About Lumicon Filters

Lumicon International offers you an extensive product offering of astronomical filters. The Deep Sky , Hydrogen-Beta , Oxygen III , and Ultra High Contrast Filters are the result of 20 years of steady design improvements, and continue to deliver the highest performance of all anti-light pollution filters obtainable today. You can find Lumicon Filters for every use imagined. Filters for deep sky objects, galaxies, nebulae, planets, planetary nebulae, light polluted skies, comets, and solar prominences. All UHC, Deep Sky, OIII and H-Beta filters are individually inspected and tested on a Perkin-Elmer Double-Beam Spectrophotometer. We proudly inscribe the % of transmission for each of the primary lines.

Any suggestions on binoculars for viewing glaiciers from a cruise ship?

Binoculars for Viewing Glaciers

Viewing glaciers with a pair of 7x35 binoculars will probably be sufficient. It will allow for a focused field of vision from about 12 feet to about 400 feet which is approximately the distance of one and one half football fields.

What are some good telescope Manufactures

National Geographic Binoculars

In 2003 National Geographic optical products became available at outdoor specialty, photography, and optical stores in the United States and Canada. The net proceeds from their high quality product offering go to support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs. These fine National Geographic Binoculars are covered in a strong rubberized material to protect them from the inevitable hiking and birding mishaps. Who better to design birding and hiking gear than the experts at National Geographic!

Where can you find reviews about Binoculars?

Where To Look To Learn

Today, you can find a magazine for almost any hobby or interest. Hiking. Computers. Whatever. In these magazines you'll find articles that deal directly with the subject. Plus, reviews that discuss the equipment that pertain to that subject. Since binoculars can be used for a range of activities you can probably find new product reviews in a number of different publications. The best thing to do is check for binocular reviews in magazines that are closest to your interest. In some cases they will give you test results of how a certain type of binoculars preformed doing the exact activity you enjoy doing.

What are zoom binoculars?

Zoom In For A Closer Look

In most cases if you want big magnification & a big field of view you'll need big binoculars. However, if you don't mind sacrificing the latter feature you can buy a more compact model known as Zoom binoculars. The name says it all. These specs allows you to go from a far away wide shot to zoom in for a super close, close-up. This type of device is for the birds -- literally. Zoom Binoculars work well for bird watching. Since the subject is so small you can capture it in full view no matter what the distance. Though, before you buy check all the specs. See how much zoom you are actually getting for your money.

Why is it when I view a flying plane or a flying bird with my binoculars, I see the plane/bird with a double "ghost" image?

Double Ghost Image

The ghost image could be created by the speed of the object, the extra light from the sun reflecting on any internal metal parts of the binoculars which can be coated to reduce glare reflection.

A strong magnification, such as 10x, can be affected by handshake and could possibly create ghost images or optic flare.

Always check focus and adjust the center wheel first. Make allowance for distance, speed and light. A good cleaning may also be in order.

What are the pitfalls of buying binoculars online?

Log On For Less Cost

Going online can be great for bargains. Site owners are not subjected to the same overhead costs that come with being a store owner. This translates into lower costs for you. However, if you do surf for discount binoculars be warned. Sometimes sites with the lowest prices might not be the best way to go. Since you are shopping online you can't hold the merchandise. Try it out. What you get might not be what you saw. So make sure you shop on a site you can trust. One that will offer you refunds or will replace the product with the least hassle.

What do objective lenses do?

Too Much Of A Good Thing

An objective lens on binoculars is in charge of brightness and resolution. Obviously if you have bigger binoculars you have bigger lenses. Giant binoculars can be great for low-level light conditions. This is ‘cause they can suck up most of the light available. However, if it is a bright day these giant specs could offer you too much light, making it too harsh on the eyes. In this situation a smaller pair might work better. If you are shopping for binoculars in a store the best thing you can do is try ‘em out. Maybe even aim them towards the window for a quick lighting test.

What should you consider before buying binoculars?

Let Lifestyle Be Your Guide

Binoculars can be used for all kinds of events in life. You can use ‘em to see some overweight tenor sing in an opera. Catch all the up close action at a sporting event. Not to mention all of the wildlife watching you can do. Since there are a variety of uses there are a variety of features binoculars can also possess (aside from seeing things up close.) They can be waterproof. You can see things at night. Even take pictures with them. So before you shop around, think about what you will be using your pair for. Remember, all binoculars do help you get a closer look at things, but they all don't work for every event situation.

How do you prevent a double image in binoculars?

Double Image

Preventing a double image from showing up on your binoculars could be as simple as bringing the barrels or tubes closer together if the binoculars are hinged. Also, it could be a focus problem due to the barrels being out of alignment which can be fixed in most cases.

Some binoculars just need the old fashioned remedy of closing one eye to see one of the image and other binoculars have such high magnification that seeing two of the same image through each barrel is normal.

What is the field of view?

Fielder's Choice

Say you are looking for binoculars to bring to a sporting event. You want to not only get a great look at your favorite player, but also see him or her in action. For this reason magnification might not be the only feature you pay attention to. You'd also want to make sure you have a big enough field of view. Which is the total area seen through binocular lenses. It is measured in degrees. Sometimes if your view area is too small it can cause you loose site of your subject. So if you are testing out binoculars before you buy make sure you take a good look at how big a field of view you're getting.

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