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Why would you need a central focusing system?

Truly Hand Held

Our lives today are built around multitasking. We have computers that let us work on a 10 different projects at once. Mini-Vans that can tell us directions while keeping the kids entertained. This human trait was taken into consideration when designing Canon Binoculars. Each one features a central focusing system. Essentially it means they can be easily operated with one hand. So the other hand is free to hang onto that mountain, tree or luggage.

What is Super Spectra multicoating?

Saying Bye To The Blur

Sporting events like basketball, football and tennis are pretty fast pace. Sure your binoculars can make it seem like you're holding front row box seats. That of course, is when the players are standing still. Though, when they are on the move it can be quite a different picture, a very blurry picture. Fortunately today you do have options for quality sports specs. The Canon 10 X 30 Binoculars is one choice. It offers the best in image stabilizing technology so you can move your specs and not have to worry about losing that crisp, clear picture. The lenses on these binoculars are coated with Super Spectra multicoating. This creates even more contrast so there is even less of chance of you seeing one big multicolored blur running across the field or court.

Why should you send your binoculars to Canon for repair?

The Best Way To Make Broken Binoculars Better

I'm sure in your neighborhood you've seen your share of mom & pop stores. A bakery. A shoe shine place. Even repair shops. If your Canon binoculars break you do have the option of dropping them off at one of these shops. Since they're right around the corner it is probably very tempting. However, they might not be able to accept your warrantee. And even if they could fix ‘em for cheap they might not have the experience to fix your model right. In the end, for the least hassle you should send them back to Canon. Let them fix it. The easiest part about this is everything can be done online. You'll find site features like the ability to:
- Receive a repair estimate immediately
- Pay securely online
- Track repair status 24/7

What type of binocular batteries should you shop for?

Power Problems

The one problem with any tech device that takes batteries is of course the amount of time you can use it for. Plop, 2 AA batteries into a digital camera and it seems like sooner than later it has drained the life out of them. Some binoculars also take batteries. The Canon 10X30 uses two AA to operate its image stabilization system. This feature is something a user will probably be using more often than not. Because of this you might want to splurge for better batteries. Look for ones that say “longer lasting” or “made for digital cameras.” These have a bit more juice than their original counterparts. You could buy rechargeable batteries, but then you have to worry about lugging a charger around. If you are going away for awhile another good tip would be to bring along an extra set of batteries. This way when you go out on day trips you can put an extra pair in the case, just in case.

Should you buy refurbished binoculars?

Buy What's Been Bought

A handful of decades ago cars were possibly the only thing people considered buying used. Even then the thought of making that kind of purchase had a negative connotation attached to it. Today, with the internet around “used” has taken on a whole new meaning & industry. Electronic sites offer all kinds of used items like binoculars. Some are sold as is and some are refurbished (rebuilt) and then sold. If you are in the market for top-of-line Canon Binoculars this is a viable option. Just make sure you shop on a site you can trust. One that offers a complete review of the item you are buying. Also, check what is included with the purchase. If it is missing accessories like a strap it should be mentioned in the binocular review as well.

Why are peer reviews so good?

Use Peers To Pick A Pair

Canon Binoculars are one of the higher quality brand names out there. Though the problem with reading Canon Binocular reviews is that sometimes they are not speaking your language. It is great to know that the lens has been coated with blah, blah to handle 10% more blah, blah. However, after awhile it all starts to the sound the same. Luckily, most electronic store sites are starting to catch on. Which is why you now also see product reviews from the best reviewers of all. You. On top of a regular write up the sites will provide reviews from customers who actually own the product. So you will read first hand accounts of people just like you operating the device. Doing things you would probably use it for. It's a smart read if you are not too familiar with the product you are going to buy.

How can you get a rebate on your binoculars?

Mail Away To Get Cash Back

Another big reason to go with a big name when buying binoculars is the big deals they can offer. Namely Rebates. A rebate is a discount provided by the manufacturer. Usually this comes in the form of a check the company sends to you after you send in a proof of purchase. This is probably one of the best ways to get Canon discount binoculars. The other good thing about rebates is that they are through the manufacturer most of the time. This means if a store is having a sale that discount is on top of the rebate. Though check carefully. Some stores actually minus the discount and the rebate amount and apply it to the price. So initially you are actually paying more. The other thing you should remember when dealing with rebates is to save everything (box and all). Usually these rebate offers require you to send a variety of things back. Miss one label or receipt and it's bye bye cash.

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