See At Sea With Ease

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Why can focus Swift Sea Hawk Binocular Series easier than other waterproof binoculars?

See At Sea With Ease

Tradeoffs happen all the time in the binocular world. Compact binoculars are small and lightweight, yet they don't have the power of the bigger models. Even something like waterproofing can cause a trade off in the area of ease. Most binoculars that are waterproof are designed to be stiffer than regular wheels. The obvious reason is the binoculars need to be as airtight as possible to keep water out. Any open space (like the wheel) could be problematic. However this is not true with every model. So if you are looking for focusing ease you might want to consider the Swift Instruments Sea Hawk binocular series. It has an oversized center focusing wheel. Which makes it much easier to grasp and maneuver for quick focusing.



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