The Oldest In Optics

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How would you choose a company to buy binoculars from?

The Oldest In Optics

A lot of binocular types on the market today are designed with similar features. They even fall within the same sorta price ranges. So when everything is said and done, it all comes down to quality. Names you are familiar with are always a good bet. Though, sometimes this could be misleading too. Even though a company is successful and well known that might not translate to all of the products they produce. So you might also want to research the top Binocular specialists in the field. One name in particular that comes to mind is Swift. An American company that got its start in 1926. They are the oldest family owned optical company. They were also one of the first distributors of roof prism binoculars. So if you are serious about choosing the right binoculars you should probably begin looking at Swift binoculars. Today, they have licensed dealers all over the country. To find one near you just go to and type in your zip code.



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