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Why are Tasco Offshore Binoculars so good for fisherman and sailors?

The Ultimate View Finder

There are waterproof binoculars for people. Then there are ones for professionals. Waterproof Tasco binoculars are for the latter. Its Offshore series has a number of features that make it the number 1 pick for fisherman and sailors:

  • BaK-4 prisims create a crisp & clear image in low light

  • Waterproof in both salt & freshwater

  • Rubber casing creates a sturdy grip

  • Built in illuminated compass for directional help in any light

  • Built in rangefinder that can help calculate object distance

Why would you bring Tasco 8x21 Radio Binoculars to the stadium?

Check Out Plays And Hear The Play-By-Play

There's nothing like watching sports in the stadium. The roar of the crowd. Witnessing incredible plays first hand. Though, the one problem being at the game is missing the coverage you get from the play-by-play announcers on tv. The color commentating. Also, the camera views tend to be much closer to the action. In the past, if you wanted to rectify this situation you would usually bring along binoculars as well as a radio. Today, you have another option --- Tasco 8x21 Radio Binoculars. These lightweight specs offer you:
- 8 X 21 magnification
- Rubicon coated lens for glare reduction
- Plus, a built in AM/FM radio complete with ear-bud headphones.

What does Tasco coat their lenses with?

A Unique View

Binocular objective lens treatments all pretty much have the same goals. To create clearer, brighter images while keeping out the harmful rays of the sun. Some manufacturers accomplish this better than others. Tasco is one company that offers a quality coating that you won't find on any other binocular lens. It is called --- Rubicon®. This process is essentially14 layers of multi-coating on the objective lens. It has a ruby-red tint that removes red light to reduce glare in bright light situations. Again, you can only find this coating on Tasco Binoculars.

What are good starter binoculars for kids?

Little Binoculars For Little Ones

Kids and expensive stuff don't usually mix very well. Give a kid an expensive mp3 player to hold and 10 seconds later you are looking at an expensive broken mp3 player. For this reason it can be hard to get kids involved earlier in hobbies if you need pricey equipment. With Binoculars you could go the toy route to get them familiar with them. Though, they won't really get the full effect and could get turned off. An alternative could be the Tasco Essentials 165 RB. They offer 8 times magnification. Have a sturdy design to stand up to the rough and tumble of kids. Plus, are compact enough for almost any kid to grip. All at an extremely affordable price. No kidding.

What type of binoculars offer a quick focus?

Focus In A Flash

Moments are just what they are, moments. Sometimes the most incredible natural wonders happen in the blink of an eye. For this reason you might want to look into binoculars that can offer a quick clear view. The Tasco Sonoma Compact Zoom series can do just that. They offer Zip® focus. A feature that allows you to quickly focus on an object with just a half-turn of the focus wheel.

Where can you find more information about binoculars?

Tasco Teaches

If you are a beginner to the binocular world keep in mind there are two major types of internal designs to Binoculars:
Porro Prisms:
A process that has been around for a century. The binoculars house 2 prisms which lengthen the light path. This process delivers an exceptional binocular view quality at an affordable price.
Roof Prisms:
This is a more compact design with roof shaped prisms that move the light along. This design is usually priced higher. Though, honestly in most cases you get the same quality in Porro Prisim binoculars.
Some people might want to charge you more based only on this newer prism feature. However, you should really take all the binocular features into consideration before you buy anything. So if you are unsure of the meanings behind these features surf to Tasco.com. Not only do they provide a listing of their Tasco Binoculars, they also have a glossary of common binocular terms and shopping tips.

How does the Tasco 514FMY Golf Scope help your golf game?

The Perfect Pair FORE You

Binoculars and scopes are great for viewing sports. And they can also help you play them as well. These optical devices can be quite handy on the golf course. The Tasco 514FMY Golf Scope is one such model. It comes complete with a rangefinding reticle so you can determine your distance from the flag. Plus, it has a compact, light design so you can pop it in almost any size golf bag with no worries.

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