2 Is Tougher Than One

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Why are Swift Ultralight Roof Standard Binoculars so durable?

2 Is Tougher Than One

Some people think a wilderness excursion is a 5 minute walk through the forest followed by a dainty picnic lunch. Other people think of the wilderness as bungee jumping off a giant rock, trekking through a swamp…basically taking more of a walk on the wild side. If you are one of those wilderness thrill-seekers you need gear that can stand up to what you want you take on. If you're looking for a pair of binoculars, durability should be on the top of your list. Binoculars like the Swift 8x42 Ultralight Roof Standard Binoculars are as durable as they come. They are designed with not just one, but a dual density of rubber coating. So it can stand up to twice as much stuff as its competitors. Though remember as durable as this swift series is it still reacts the same way to dirt. So if it does take a rough and tumble make sure you clean off the lenses right away.



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