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How should you care for Night Vision Binoculars?

Handle With Care

Even cheap Night Vision Binoculars will still run you a couple hundred bucks. While you're not breaking the bank with this investment it is also not chump change. So try to take these steps to keep your specs in good condition:
- When not using for a while remove battery & store in a dry location.

- Take the utmost care when handling lenses.

- Clean your optics regularly.

- If it is broken let a professional fix it, do not attempt to do it yourself.

What is an Infrared Illuminator?

Let There Be Light With No Light

Night vision binoculars essentially create more light out of little light. They can steal it from the moon. Street lamps. Anywhere. Though what if you were out in the wilderness. It's an overcast night and there is absolutely no light anywhere. It would be bad news for most Generation 1 night vision binoculars. However, Infrared night vision binoculars fair differently in this situation. These binoculars are designed with a special Infrared Illuminator. It's sorta like a night vision flashlight. It fires out a powerful beam of light that is naked to the eye, yet can be a light source for night vision. These Illuminators can be sold separately. Though, it is probably smart to buy one that is already built into your binoculars.

How can you tell if night vision binoculars are waterproof?

Can't Judge Binoculars By Their Cover

You go on a train and you see a well-groomed man in a 3piece suit. You make all kinds of assumptions about him. He's a lawyer. In sales. Wall St. Though, for all you know he could be a crook eyeing your wallet. It can be the same when you buy Night Vision Binoculars. You might assume since you can see at night they're designed for the rough and tumble of the outside wilderness. Plus, they're waterproof. Though, this might be a false assumption. Even if they have that rugged look you still can't be sure they will be impervious to the wet stuff. And if rain does get into the binocular insides this could be a costly mistake. So before you buy, look at the specs. If you don't understand them, don't be afraid to ask questions.

What is "generation" technology?

Generation To Generation To Generation To Generation

Out of all the technology surrounding binoculars Night Vision has probably evolved the most. They even have their own classification system known as Generations. There are 4 in all:
1st generation
Most popular Night Vision Binocular technology. Amplifies what little night light you have 1000 times. The most affordable.

2nd generation
This technology found in law enforcement binoculars. Use a micro-channel plate (millions of short glass tubes) to create brighter sharper images. Cost about a grand.

3rd generation
Uses an additional chemical – gallium arsenide. Plus, an ion barrier to help increase tube life. End result – Amazingly high quality at an even higher price.

4th Generation
Newest of the bunch. This “Gated Fimless” technology offers the highest quality possible at very low light levels. Something like this probably won't make the perfect stocking stuffer for years to come.

What do binocular cleaning kits consist of?

Clear Night Vision

Grandma used to tell us a little soap and elbow grease can get anything out. Though, unless granny was a green beret she probably couldn't guarantee that worked on Night Vision binoculars. They have very sensitive lenses. Using a regular rag with regular soap and water could do more damage than good. So to protect your investment, invest in a cleaning kit. They usually won't run you much more than $10 bucks. Inside one these kits you'll usually find:
• A brush,
• lens cleaning fluid
• lens tissue
• lint less cleaning cloth
• cotton swabs
Since dirt is mostly an outdoor thing most of these kits are packed together in a durable-to-go pack. So you can keep clean and keep moving.

What are night vision binoculars?

Get A Nightlife

Animals do not speak our language and they are not very trusting of humans. This is pretty evident out of the wild. Trying to look at a deer or bird from far away is not so much a problem. Get closer and they'll get away. Regular binoculars can help you get near in the daytime. Unfortunately, lots of animals don't keep the same hours as we humans do. Some animals are nocturnal. They do most of there living at night. Away from us. They have the ability to see in the dark. Unlike humans. Oh, sure you could shine a spotlight, but that would only ruin the party. However, this problem can be rectified if you purchase a pair of night vision binoculars. They can give you the ability to see at night without them knowing it. Just not in living color. Night vision binoculars differ in a lot of ways, except how you see things. Green light. Though, it might be a small price to pay to peek into the great nightlife of the great outdoors.

Are cheaper night vision binoculars worth buying?

Cool Things Come To Those Who Wait

When the coolest “got-to-have” thing hits the market everybody naturally has to have it. Unfortunately, companies know this. Which is why they price these tech toys accordingly. At one time Night Vision binoculars fell into this “gotta have” camp. It was a new technology. Nobody (‘cept the armed services) had it so of course it didn't come cheap. For a decent pair you'd probably wind up spending easily over a grand. Today, that same technology has been improved. Which means you can find older models now at more affordable price ranges. However, before you buy remember night and day are as different as uh night and day. Older “day” binoculars could be decent even if they are cheap. However, cheaper night vision binoculars might not be up to snuff. So make sure you understand what you are really getting before you buy.

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