Easy Way To Adapt

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Why do you need Leupold Binocular Tripod Adapters?

Easy Way To Adapt

To get breathtaking views bigger binoculars are still the way to go. They can house more powerful lenses and offer you a greater field of view. Though, unless you're a 12 foot giant you're going to have problems keeping your pair steady by just holding them. A tripod will do the trick. ‘Cept most of them are built for spotting scopes or cameras. However, before you grab that big roll of duct tape you do have other options. Aside from Leupold binoculars the company also makes Leupold Binocular Tripod Adapters. This allows you to attach binoculars to a tripod with no problems. Though, before you buy the adapter, check the full specs to get a full list of the binoculars it supports.



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