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Why are Leupold Binocular Straps better than regular straps?

X Marks The Spot

If you ever have seen those extreme outdoors types they sorta all pack their gear the same way. Everything is tightly together to prevent things from coming undone. Binocular straps are good for this situation. Though, one thing they do cause is the swing factor. Most straps just go around the neck. Which is fine if you are at a sporting event or sight seeing. Though if you are on a trek through a mountain or hiking through the woods this can make the binoculars constantly swing and cause irritation or worse, an accidental smack in the face. Plus, after a while any pair will start to weigh heavily on your neck. Thankfully, Leupold has designed an easy solution to this problem. The Leupold X-treme™ Binocular Strap. The straps fit more like a shoulder harness – going around your back and the shoulders. Creating a snug fit. Keeping your binoculars in place.



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