Power Problems

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What type of binocular batteries should you shop for?

Power Problems

The one problem with any tech device that takes batteries is of course the amount of time you can use it for. Plop, 2 AA batteries into a digital camera and it seems like sooner than later it has drained the life out of them. Some binoculars also take batteries. The Canon 10X30 uses two AA to operate its image stabilization system. This feature is something a user will probably be using more often than not. Because of this you might want to splurge for better batteries. Look for ones that say “longer lasting” or “made for digital cameras.” These have a bit more juice than their original counterparts. You could buy rechargeable batteries, but then you have to worry about lugging a charger around. If you are going away for awhile another good tip would be to bring along an extra set of batteries. This way when you go out on day trips you can put an extra pair in the case, just in case.



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