The Best Way To Make Broken Binoculars Better

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Why should you send your binoculars to Canon for repair?

The Best Way To Make Broken Binoculars Better

I'm sure in your neighborhood you've seen your share of mom & pop stores. A bakery. A shoe shine place. Even repair shops. If your Canon binoculars break you do have the option of dropping them off at one of these shops. Since they're right around the corner it is probably very tempting. However, they might not be able to accept your warrantee. And even if they could fix ‘em for cheap they might not have the experience to fix your model right. In the end, for the least hassle you should send them back to Canon. Let them fix it. The easiest part about this is everything can be done online. You'll find site features like the ability to:
- Receive a repair estimate immediately
- Pay securely online
- Track repair status 24/7



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