Can't Judge Binoculars By Their Cover

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How can you tell if night vision binoculars are waterproof?

Can't Judge Binoculars By Their Cover

You go on a train and you see a well-groomed man in a 3piece suit. You make all kinds of assumptions about him. He's a lawyer. In sales. Wall St. Though, for all you know he could be a crook eyeing your wallet. It can be the same when you buy Night Vision Binoculars. You might assume since you can see at night they're designed for the rough and tumble of the outside wilderness. Plus, they're waterproof. Though, this might be a false assumption. Even if they have that rugged look you still can't be sure they will be impervious to the wet stuff. And if rain does get into the binocular insides this could be a costly mistake. So before you buy, look at the specs. If you don't understand them, don't be afraid to ask questions.



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