Generation To Generation To Generation To Generation

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What is "generation" technology?

Generation To Generation To Generation To Generation

Out of all the technology surrounding binoculars Night Vision has probably evolved the most. They even have their own classification system known as Generations. There are 4 in all:
1st generation
Most popular Night Vision Binocular technology. Amplifies what little night light you have 1000 times. The most affordable.

2nd generation
This technology found in law enforcement binoculars. Use a micro-channel plate (millions of short glass tubes) to create brighter sharper images. Cost about a grand.

3rd generation
Uses an additional chemical – gallium arsenide. Plus, an ion barrier to help increase tube life. End result – Amazingly high quality at an even higher price.

4th Generation
Newest of the bunch. This “Gated Fimless” technology offers the highest quality possible at very low light levels. Something like this probably won't make the perfect stocking stuffer for years to come.



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