Cool Things Come To Those Who Wait

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Are cheaper night vision binoculars worth buying?

Cool Things Come To Those Who Wait

When the coolest “got-to-have” thing hits the market everybody naturally has to have it. Unfortunately, companies know this. Which is why they price these tech toys accordingly. At one time Night Vision binoculars fell into this “gotta have” camp. It was a new technology. Nobody (‘cept the armed services) had it so of course it didn't come cheap. For a decent pair you'd probably wind up spending easily over a grand. Today, that same technology has been improved. Which means you can find older models now at more affordable price ranges. However, before you buy remember night and day are as different as uh night and day. Older “day” binoculars could be decent even if they are cheap. However, cheaper night vision binoculars might not be up to snuff. So make sure you understand what you are really getting before you buy.



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