Check Out Plays And Hear The Play-By-Play

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Why would you bring Tasco 8x21 Radio Binoculars to the stadium?

Check Out Plays And Hear The Play-By-Play

There's nothing like watching sports in the stadium. The roar of the crowd. Witnessing incredible plays first hand. Though, the one problem being at the game is missing the coverage you get from the play-by-play announcers on tv. The color commentating. Also, the camera views tend to be much closer to the action. In the past, if you wanted to rectify this situation you would usually bring along binoculars as well as a radio. Today, you have another option --- Tasco 8x21 Radio Binoculars. These lightweight specs offer you:
- 8 X 21 magnification
- Rubicon coated lens for glare reduction
- Plus, a built in AM/FM radio complete with ear-bud headphones.



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