Cap For Coverage

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What are binocular caps?

Cap For Coverage

Sometimes the tiniest of things can cause major problems. You could be hiking along with your binoculars you shelled out 2 grand for. Then accidentally kick a pebble that flies up and scratches your lens. It is not outside the realm of possibility. You could put your binoculars in its case, but if something quick darts out for you to see they won't be handy. The other option is lens caps. These circular caps are made of plastic. It is a binocular accessory that fits right over the objective lenses & eyepieces. They usually come with binoculars that are bigger than a compact size. However, if you lose them or want sturdier ones you can buy them separately. Though, before you place ‘em in the cart, double-check they will fit the model you own.



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