Problems With Pixels

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How many megapixels should a digital binocular camera have?

Problems With Pixels

When buying a digital camera the first thing you probably look at is the megapixels. A pixel is a point on an image. The more you have the greater the detail quality of the photo. Most affordable digital cameras have a range of 3 to 8 megapixels. Whereas, most binocular cameras are pretty new to the market. On average their megapixel count is much lower. If you are emailing pictures to your dear old Aunt in Idaho, low megapixels doesn't matter too much. However, if she wants to print the picture then it's a different story. Anything under 1 megapixel will produce a broken up looking print. So if you do plan on saving decent digital photos to a traditional album you should try and at least aim for digital camera binoculars with 2.5 megapixels.



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