What's In A Name?

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Why would you buy Binoculars with a well known name?

What's In A Name?

In the fashion world sometimes we'll pay gobs of money just for a teeny tiny handbag that sports a fancy designer's name. In the world of binoculars names might not be the first thing on your mind when choosing a model. Though, you shouldn't completely ignore them. True, a name might mean you might pay more, but in the long run it might be worth it. Quality Nikon binoculars probably cost more than a bargain basement model. So up front you are spending some cash. Though, they won't fall apart after a few days. Plus, a fly-by-night company might not have the support like Nikon does. It might be hard to find accessories for lesser-known binoculars. So in the end it's probably best to spend a bit more on a name you can trust.



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