Can't Be Shocked

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Why would you neeed Steiner Military Marine Binoculars?

Can't Be Shocked

Boats today are built with a ton of motor power. Which is great to get to destinations. A boat will also be going at high speeds to cut through the waves which will minimize being tossed around by the currents. Whatever the reason for speed, traveling can be a bit shaky for you and your equipment. These vibrations could do just as much damage to the inner workings of your binoculars as water splashing on them. So along with waterproof you should also make sure your pair is shock proof like the Steiner Military Marine Binoculars. They can handle any shaky situation or wet weather. Plus, they also offer topnotch viewing. Even though this binocular-type does have this anti-shock feature it's best not to test its limits. As an extra precaution (when the boat is moving) you should keep it in its case and on an object that can absorb vibrations like a folded towel.



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