2 For The Price Of 1

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Are digital binocular cameras any good?

2 For The Price Of 1

Hybrid technology is all the rage. Basically designers take 2 established things and slap 'em together. Like the TV and the mp3 player. Even Binoculars can't escape the grip of these techno-mad scientists. Today, you can find binoculars that also double as a camera. So while you are watching these incredible views you can capture them too. If you're an amateur photographer the cheap brands can be a pretty cool toy. However, if you are a bit more serious with the photo arts then you might want to stick with a higher-end model or go with a digital camera with incredible zoom lenses. The problem with cheap hybrid technology is that most of these cool new gadgets have multi features that don't really super excel at either task. So if you can't afford to spend a couple of bucks more for the better binocular camera (for now) you might as well go separate ways.



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